With all the rumors circulating about Anthony Davis’ future with the Lakers, you would think it was already a sure thing. The fans are tired of it, the players are tired of it, and Anthony Davis himself must be getting tired of it.

We’re trying to decide if this Instagram like by Davis is a subtle hint that he is, indeed tired of all the noise, or if it really was just an accident, as the superstar later claimed.

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Well damn…

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This fan is clearly not sold on New Orleans losing their superstar to the Lakers. He used a very aggressive tone to make that point clear, even calling the city “bum.”

Later, the Pelicans star revealed that it was an accident… but it hasn’t stopped the suspicions. After all, in order to like the comment, Davis had to have looked at it first. And the timing just seems too coincidental.

Whatever the case, we should remember that Davis’ supposed arrival to L.A. is far from guaranteed. Neither the star, the Lakers, or the Pelicans have outright admitted to being involved in any kind of trade including him.

In due time, we’ll see if these rumors will live up to the hype. For now, let’s just enjoy the season and take in the facts as they come our way.

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