Sometimes too much is just too much. Enes Kanter found that out the hard way on Thursday morning after eating seven burgers and a huge plate of fries. It’s a ridiculous amount of food for one person.

He notes the occasion as a “cheat day,” a day he set aside from his normal healthy eating habits to go a little crazy and eat whatever he wants. Funny thing is what happened the following hours.

According to Yahoo Sports, the Knicks big man missed practice Thursday morning and is questionable for Friday’s game due to an unspecified “illness.” While we don’t know if it is indeed the burgers that made Kanter sick, the timing is impeccable.

“This could be a complete coincidence. It might have nothing to do with Kanter scarfing down seven burgers, three eggs and a plate of fries Wednesday night,” the report noted. “If that’s the case, the timing of Kanter’s illness is still pretty hilarious.”

Despite averaging a respectable 14.4 points and 11 rebounds per game this season, Enes Kanter’s name has been in the rumor mill as of late, with latest rumblings hinting at a trade with the Sacramento Kings.

Maybe this was some sort of going away celebration?

Whatever the case, let’s hope Kanter takes it a little easier on his next “cheat day.”

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