Kemba Walker has played his entire career in Charlotte, a team that is owned by the legendary Michael Jordan, but he may be moving on from his beloved franchise after this season.

The two-time All-Star point guard will become a free agent in July if he decides not to re-sign with the Hornets. Walker spoke in an interview on ESPN’s program ‘The Jump’, about the situation that currently faces him.

“I want to enjoy that process I guess, and just wait for it over the summer,”

The most interesting part of the interview is when Walker spoke about the advice that Michael Jordan had given him when he joined the league with Charlotte. For Jordan, the key to success for Walker is to “just to be himself”, the advice should be how Walker treats this decision, the best move for him is the right one.

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“I’ve needed that a few times over the course of my career,” Walker said.

“So yeah, especially early on in my career, when I first came in trying not to step on anybody’s toes, things like that. [Jordan] brought me to the side. He was like ‘We drafted you for a reason. Just come in and be yourself.’” he added.

This is the first time that Walker has ever deeply considering moving clubs, therefore it was rough on the young guard to see his name being thrown around in the media through trade rumors.

“At first it was pretty tough,” Walker said.

“Just because I’ve never been involved in trade talks. So to hear it, I think I first heard about it through social media. So from that point on I was pretty upset. But you can only control what you can control.

“And if they wanted to get rid of me, I guess they would have. And they didn’t. And you know, I just tried my best to finish that season out. And then during the summer I just locked in.” he added.

Kemba Walker is in some fine form this season and is every chance to become an All-Star for the franchise for the third time in his career. If he does eventually decide that he wants to leave, there will be plenty of NBA franchises who will be dying to take him on board.

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