The lowly New York Knicks are, once again, proving to be irrelevant. They’re 14th in the East, their main star has yet to return from an ACL tear, and the young talent they’ve assembled have looked ill-prepared and underwhelming.

They’re looking to change all of that. If they can somehow acquire a star to bring to the Big Apple, not only would it bring respectability to the franchise, but it would also help bring another star. Orestis Rantis of Fansided recently made sense of the idea.

We often see championship contenders make trades with lower-tier teams in order to fill the holes that their team has. The Knicks could offer the Sixers exactly what they’ve been missing in a starting power forward and a backup center.

Before you question whether or not that’s enough for a superstar like Jimmy Butler, take notice of the kind of seasons the Knicks’ big men have been having,

Enes Kanter is averaging 14.4 points along with 11 rebounds per game in just 26.5 minutes of playing time. Could there be a better player to back up Joel Embiid? Kanter has been coming off the bench for approximately half of New York’s games while players like Mitchell Robinson and Luke Kornet started at center, but his consistency has been there for the team whether he was there to tip off or not.

This trade could be a legitimate possibility if the Philadelphia 76ers wind up searching for a trade partner for Jimmy Butler, and it could be one that benefits both teams significantly.

The Knicks need a star, and the Sixers need shooting. A Butler/Porzingis swap would solve a lot of issues for both teams. Will the Knicks be willing to give up a guy as young as Kristaps for Butler? Probably not. Even if they are, will Philly take on a guy that’s been rehabbing from a torn ACL all season?

It’s not a deal that’s imminent, of course. Don’t expect the Knicks to be the team to win any kind of Butler sweepstakes if things ever do get to that point. But, at the very least, it’s an idea both sides should seriously think about. Because, unlike a lot of trades made nowadays, it makes a whole lot of sense.

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