We’ve heard no shortage of Anthony Davis rumors lately, and they’ll only keep on coming from here.

The latest involves a potential plan of the Golden State Warriors “bridging” a gap to their so-called “next era.”

(via Dan Devine of The Ringer)

“The Warriors have also long had interest in Davis as a potential bridge to a new era in their dynastic operation, though finding a package the Pelicans would take that doesn’t include Durant or Stephen Curry would be pretty tough,” Devine said. “A Davis deal could alter the face of the league, and in today’s NBA, teams start getting ready for that sort of opportunity years in advance. Don’t expect the chance to make a slight upgrade to their rotation now to get in the way of that, even for teams with a chance to win the championship this season.”

This summer, the Warriors will face several threats to their power. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are both up for free agency, meaning both can opt to leave the Dubs if they desire. But even if they don’t, how long can this same group of players continue to dominate the game before other teams begin to catch on?

It’s why making a change makes sense. Anthony Davis, for example, would revolutionize everything for them. He’d keep them at a Championship level short-term while securing additional long-term success as well.

But it is far from a safe move. Trading any of the core ” Hamptons 5″ players is a risky thing to do, especially for a guy with some injury concerns from the past.

No matter what the Warriors decide to do, they’ll have a number of options heading into the summer. And, depending on the decisions they make, they’ll continue to be the NBA’s most feared franchise.

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