There’s certainly an awareness of certain celebrities attending NBA matches and putting a ‘curse’ on certain teams. The Minnesota Timberwolves are taking no chances when rap musician Drake by sending him a warning because of the so-called “Drake-Curse”.

Drake has a bad history with showing up to team’s games only to watch them lose. Most recently, Drake wore merchandise of the Alabama Crimson Tide before their national championship game last Monday night. Alabama lost in a 28 point blowout which had an ex Alabama player Eryk Anders giving Drake a lifetime ban of wearing any more of their merchandise.

Drake hasn’t had any history with the Timberwolves before until Andrew Wiggins took control of the playlist for a recent Timberwolves training practice. All the music he picked out was by the popular Canadian musician.

This was all the Timberwolves needed to make a twitter post to warn Drake from wearing any Timberwolves gear.

The Timberwolves have been battling hard ever since Jimmy Butler was trading to the Philadelphia 76ers. If the side wants to find themselves within the top eight at the end of the season, then they’ll need every bit of luck they can get and that means taking no chance with the “Drake Curse”.

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