The summer of 2018 brought the Lakers LeBron James who, himself, brought relevancy back to the Lakers in the loaded Western Conference.

This summer, Magic and his team are hoping for similar results as they look to maximize on James’ presence in Los Angeles. Only this time, it may be the Clippers who assemble something special.

In a report by Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, he reveals that Jimmy Butler still has his sights on the Clips, and would love to play alongside Kawhi Leonard.

As the 5 seed in the West, the Clippers are doing well without a go-to star right now. So having one (or two) could make them the real deal. And with enough cap space for two max slots this upcoming summer, the Clips have the means to make it happen.

Butler, despite the Sixers being near the top in the standings, has had a rather bumpy start in Philly so far. He’s clashed with Brett Brown, he’s reportedly unhappy with his role, and other teammates seem to be struggling to find with him on the floor.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, the Raptors are feeling a sense of uneasiness about the future of Kawhi Leonard. The team has been really good, and Kahwi himself has said nothing but positives things. But from what the sources keep telling us, there’s no place like home. For Kawhi, that’s in Los Angeles.

Plenty can change between now and July. In fact, a lot probably will change. For now, however, the Clippers look to be on the verge of something very big. If they play their cards right, they could end up as one of the teams to beat in the West this time next year.

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