Since Uncle Drew’s verbal commitment to stay with the team back in October, much has changed for the Boston Celtics. Not only has the bunch been an odd fit so far, but many of their so-called best players are putting together a rather underwhelming season so far. With a 25-17 record and 6.5 games back from the #1 seeded Raptors, Boston has looked lost this past couple of months.

In their loss to Orlando, Kyrie Irving made some comments about the team that has many raising an eyebrow.

“The young guys don’t know what it takes to be a championship-level team,” Irving told reporters after the loss. “What it takes every day. And if they think it is hard now, what do they think it will be like when we’re trying to get to The Finals?”

“The things that you’ve done your entire career of being able to coast by in certain situations and you’ve gotten away with your youth and stuff like that, being on a championship ballclub, you can’t get away with that. You see the fans going crazy. You see it gets loud. I know from the majority of the fact that we’re better than most teams in this league. It’s just going out and proving it every single night and demanding it and actually showing it.”

This has lead to widespread speculation that Irving’s “verbal commitment” a few months ago may not be as binding as originally thought.

(via The New York Post)

With all the talk about Kevin Durant, Irving could still be there for the taking and he visits Brooklyn on Monday. The West Orange, N.J., product also had been rumored to be eyeing the Nets before his “verbal commitment” to the Celtics.

During his Garden visit in October, Irving said: “Obviously New York held a special place for me, being from Jersey and obviously envisioning myself as a free agent and ultimately taking a meeting, playing for Fiz and the great young core they have, thinking about playing here. Playing with KP [Kristaps Porzingis], that was a big thing before I made my decision to plan on re-signing back with Boston. But yeah, of course, New York was a strong consideration.”

Marc Berman also points out the point guard issue in Boston, with Terry Rozier apparently not keen about coming off the bench this season.

The Celtics aren’t nearly as attractive as they looked in October, and there’s more than one singular problem plaguing the team right now. If Kyrie has to deal with these issues in Boston, why would he not consider joining the Knicks? At least there he’ll get to be the center of attention in the biggest market in sports.

Point is, Kyrie’s future with Boston isn’t guaranteed. Their recent struggles and Irving’s clear frustration with the team is threatening to rip from what was thought to be a perfect situation. it’ll be interesting to see how things develop as the mid-seaosn grind continues on.