While Luka Doncic has been on an absolute tear this season, Dennis Smuth Jr. has found his role dwindling. His awkward fit next to Luka creates a significant problem for the Mavs.

Additionally, Smith himself might be dropping hints that he’s ready to leave, as indicated by his latest like on Instagram.

All of this is a problem that, fortunately, shouldn’t be hard to fix.

If they swap Smith for a better backcourt partner for Doncic, it’ll solve all of their problems. And, according to Joseph Zucker of Bleacher Report, two teams may be ready to answer the call.

The Suns and Magic are so desperate for a young point guard they might be willing to overpay in order to land Smith. Phoenix is relying on De’Anthony Melton as its starting point, while Orlando is throwing out D.J. Augustin.

In both cases, Smith would be an upgrade.

With Smith gone, it’d clear room for Luka to become the undoubted leader of the franchise, avoiding any sort of power struggle in the future. Of course, it would also help their performance now, as Smith wasn’t a good fit to begin with.

Going forward, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of offers that Mavs get for Smith, and if any of them will be enough for them to make a deal. For both the Magic and Suns, all they really have to give up at this point is a young guard, something they might find difficult to do.

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