Nikola Jokic is having a fantastic season, so fantastic, in fact, that he showed no hesitation in trying to cop some digits in the middle of a game. While on the bench during Denver’s game against Cleveland on Saturday, the big man star was clearly trying to get a phone number from someone across the court.

It’s not clear who exactly Jokic was talking to, or if they met sometime after the game, but leave it to Jokic to try and be so smooth about it.

Although he might’ve given up on his attempt at the end, there’s plenty for The Joker to celebrate this season. With a 31-14 record for the season, they are quickly proving to be a threat in the Western Conference, thanks in no small part to Jokic himself, who is in the running for MVP with averages of 19.6 points, 10 rebounds, and 7.7 assists.

It remains to be seen what they will do in the postseason, but so long as Jokic keeps shooting his shot, they should be just fine.

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