The Rams are heading to Super Bowl LIII, but their victory did not come without some controversy.

As the clock ticked down in a close affair, the Saints began their drive in an attempt to take the lead after Los Angeles nailed a field goal to tie the game. Brees connected on a 43-yard bullet pass to Ted Ginn, before letting some time drain. Eventually, the Saints had the ball at third and ten with 1:48 left to go. Brees threw a pass to Tommylee Lewis, who was unable to catch the ball.

When looking back on the replay, fans were blown away by what many are calling one of the worst missed calls in football history.

Robey-Coleman didn’t just hit receiver Tommylee Lewis on the head, but he also made contact with him insanely early. Somehow the officials missed the foul and forced the Saints to go for a field goal, which led to overtime that saw the Rams pull away.

As expected, the media was buzzing with shock at the controversial no-call. ESPN’s Max Kellerman even called it “the worst in the history of football.”

But Kellerman wasn’t the only one. In fact, it seems everyone had an issue with how the game ended.

Had they not missed the clear pass interference (or any of the other fouls that occurred during the play) it obviously would have impacted more than the result of the game. As Adam Schefter pointed out in his tweet, legacies were changed last night.

For the Rams, while they celebrate the win, they must be focused on not wasting the opportunity. When they face the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII, it will be their ultimate test. And, hopefully, one that ends up a lot less controversial than this latest match against the Saints.

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