Kevin Durant continues to be in the headlines after yet another interaction with a fan.

The Golden State Warriors star was recently at a concert and while he was being escorted away as he was greeting fans, one individual in attendance grabbed his hat.

This did not sit well with Durant who confronted the self-proclaimed fan of his and told him to “be respectful out here, motherf–ker,” as well as to not to do it again.

Durant is usually in the headlines for his social media interactions with fans who continue to criticize him for his 2016 move to the Warriors from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Most of the time he is provoked, but many also feel he should just ignore it like other players do.

While there was no criticism involved in this case, Durant was justified in being angry as that is no way to behave with anyone in public, let alone a professional athlete.

One way the 30-year-old could at least decrease the general criticism coming his way, however, could be a move to the New York Knicks in the summer when he could become a free agent.

Leading the team there to a potential first NBA title since 1973 would certainly help his legacy, if not the perception of him as a player.