The stats say otherwise, the fans say otherwise, and the MVP trophy he held in 2011 says otherwise, but Derrick Rose (who is having a resurgence in Minnesota) believes he is better now than he ever was.

In 20111, he was youngest MVP ever, an achievement earned for his explosive, dominating playstyle averaging 25.0 points and a little over 7 assists. Back then, he was virtually unstoppable. At the same time, it’s also that same explosive play style that caused much of his injuries, and his body eventually broke down because of it.

If nothing else, Rose is confident that his control and pace over the game is light years ahead of what it was. In that respect, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

With the Timberwolves this season, he certainly looks a lot more comfortable. He’s using his improved jump shot to add some variety to his game, and no longer forces the issue. He lets the game come to him.

Whether or not that makes him better than he was in Chicago is arguable, but you can’t help but love this comeback story of a guy that went from doubting if he belonged in the league to playing his way right back into people’s hearts.

Hopefully, Rose will continue to improve and stay healthy, and this is only just the beginning.