Neymar Jr has been on the spotlight for a couple of months now, but not for the best of reasons, as the Brazilian striker has been involved in several transfer rumors amid speculation of him being done with Paris Saint-Germain.

The Brazilian has been tied with a move to Real Madrid ever since leaving Barcelona two years ago, while other reports point towards him regretting that move in the first place and keen to get back to Camp Nou.

That’s why Luis Suarez, Neymar’s teammate up front from 2014 to 2017, has urged the 26-year old to stay calmed amid transfer rumors and just focus on doing what’s best for him, as per Goal.

“I hope Neymar enjoys Paris and doesn’t listen to rumors. He’s quite a mature boy. They’re always talking about him during transfer windows. We just have to let him enjoy his team. He made the decision to leave (Barcelona) and there’s nothing else to talk about.”

The Uruguayan backed his former teammate amid the media’s constant bashing of Neymar’s antics, saying he “should focus on what he does the best: playing soccer.” Is there an MSN reunion in the making here?