It was prime time entertainment Monday night when the Lakers faced the Warriors at home in Staples. The team got embarrassed, and Klay absolutely went off, but it isn’t even anything basketball related that has had the internet buzzing lately.

During a cut to LeBron James (who was sitting out with a groin strain), the cameras caught a woman sitting behind him — a woman that people were dead set on identifying. It became an internet mystery.

Turns out her name is Melody Morales. She’s a personal trainer that was attending the game with Latin music artist Daddy Yankee.

So, the internet found their mystery girl. There’s not s whole lot that comes next, but I guess solving the mystery is good enough in its own.

The Lakers, meanwhile, have other things to focus on. With a lot of key players still out, they’ll have to find a way to stay afloat until they come back. Obviously, that will prove harder than anyone expected.