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The Los Angeles Lakers have slipped to ninth place in the Western Conference standings and are slowly drifting away from a postseason berth.

As the trade line quickly approaches, the Lakers are reportedly perusing any 3-point shooter that’s on an expiring deal, according to Bill Oram of The Athletic. Not only do they want to improve their long-range shooting from beyond the arc, but the Lakers also want to keep their salary cap reasonable low so the franchise has the option of perusing max free agents during the summer.

A team source said the Lakers will pursue any 3-point shooter on an expiring deal, a group expected to include former Laker Wayne Ellington, Orlando’s Terrence Ross, Memphis’ Garrett Temple, and Trevor Ariza, who many believe could be on the move again before the deadline if Washington continues to falter in the East.

Surprisingly, Rajon Rondo is currently the best 3-point shooter for the Los Angeles Lakers with a percentage of 39.4 percent from three. The Lakers only average 33.4 percent from beyond the three-point line meaning they’ll be desperate to add a talented long-range shooter for the second half of the season.

One option that the Lakers should consider perusing is the 31-year-old from Miami Heat, Wayne Ellington. It’s been recently reported that Ellington has been upset about the amount of playing time he’s had at the Heat which leaves the door open for a team like the Lakers to make a deal for him. Ellington is averaging 37.1 percent from three which is well above the current Lakers average.

Terrance Ross from the Orlando Magic would also be someone who the Lakers should consider, the swingman is shooting a very impressive 37.5 percent from beyond the arc this season.

With Lonzo injured and LeBron James missing games on the sidelines, the Lakers would be desperate to make some moves before the trade deadline to keep their season alive.

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