This may or may not be news to you, but the Knicks aren’t very good. They’re sitting at the bottom of the standings with a 10-37 record, with no healthy superstar, no outstanding prospects, and a front office that will probably mess things up a few more times before getting something right.

For one fan, his faith in the Knicks doesn’t exactly match up with the kind of season they’ve been having. And when he posted his peculiar question to ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A Smith, the internet did not let him off easy.

The answer is simple but for anyone that knows a thing about Stephen A, it’s the kind of response anyone would expect. In the comments, things got even wilder.

For New York fans, this is obviously a touchy subject. Their team hasn’t been good for a long time. So when you tease a question like that, folks are going to respond.

Stephen A certainly did, and the internet is better for it.

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