The clock is starting to tick for Eli Manning who, at 38-years old, is beginning to show signs of slowing down.

As a result, the Giants are a team looking forward to a time without him, a smart thing to do when you’ve got an aging veteran quarterback.

But the Giants are doing more than just looking around, they’re preparing. And they want Eli to take a major role in setting the foundation for his exit.

(via Paul Schwartz of The New York Post)

The “brutally honest’’ assessment Gettleman promised will not result in parting with Manning, but it will lead to a high-alert effort to find his successor. The Giants realize the 2018 backups, Alex Tanney and Kyle Lauletta, are not the answer. Manning never has shared the roster with anyone close to a threat to wrest the job away from him. The Giants will try to make sure that changes in 2019.

The search for the next franchise quarterback will be undertaken in the draft, not free agency. The free-agent field will be underwhelming. Nick Foles is not likely to hit the open market, and even if he did, there are concerns as to just how talented and capable he is to lead a team of his own, rather than thriving as a gifted relief pitcher. As for Teddy Bridgewater, there are those in the league who believe he will never be the same after suffering a devastating knee injury in September 2016.

So, New York will look to the draft for their next franchise Quarterback.

Lately, the franchise has been in disarray following several losing seasons. Despite having some decent talent, they can never seem to form a team complete enough to compete with the other league elites.

As they turn a corner in the development process, they hope to find a next-generation leader to change what has been a rough stretch for them. They hope Manning will be a part of that process one way or another. But, as the very least, it seems the Giants are destined to put their faith in a new QB come this offseason.

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