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If one thing is for sure then it’s the fact that Utah’s Rudy Gobert and the Golden State’s Draymond Green just can’t get along.

Rudy Gobert has been quite upset with being snubbed from this year’s NBA All-Star game even though he’s had an amazing season on the defensive end of the floor. When speaking about not being selected in a press conference interview, Gobert was visibly emotional about the snub.

It’s hard for the hard-working Utah Jazz star whose whole life just like any other NBA star is purely dedicated to playing basketball. Being recognized for your achievements is exactly what any NBA player wants in their career so it’s understandable why Gobert is emotional after this.

Draymond Green certainly noticed this and he wasn’t a very big fan of Gobert’s display of emotion that was shown through his tweet that was directed at the Jazz big man.

However, Rudy Gobert didn’t let that slide, he decided to take a shot back at Draymond Green in his own subtle way. Going back to when the Golden State Warriors lost Game 7 of the NBA Finals to the Cavaliers in 2016, Green called Kevin Durant and the Warriors front office from his car.

Someone on twitter pointed out the hypocrisy of Draymond which Gobert was very happy to see as he liked the comment.

It looks to be an ongoing twitter battle between the two with the ball in Draymond Green’s court for the next move.

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