The alleged relationship of Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner looks to be quite fractured with rumors of a little bit of foul play from Ben’s behalf.

It was reported a few months ago that the pair had gone their separate ways after Kendall was seen in public with multiple guys during the time they were dating. It wouldn’t last long with the pair reconnecting and finding themselves back in yet another relationship.

However, a big twist in the story is that it turns out that instead of Simmons being cheated on her, in fact, may have been the cheater himself.

According to Sports Gossip, an unnamed woman has come forward to share some details about the 76ers star and how she was a side chick.

According to a tipster and the exchange from one of his alleged side chicks that the tipster relayed to us, Ben is a serial cheater.

The unnamed woman spilled some details on her relationship with him, including DMs and a selfie of Simmons. 

The posts have apparently been deleted but contained details of his relationship with Tinashe, Kendall Jenner and how he likes to brag about having sex with Brittany Renner, because of her large social media following.

Credit: Sports Gossip
Credit: Sports Gossip

Brittany Renner is quite a well-known model and it is reported that she and Ben Simmons have gotten together before.

The Philadelphia 76ers will be hoping that this will do nothing to interrupt his game or his preparation for the eventual 2019 playoffs series. With no LeBron in the East, the race for the Eastern Conference Champions is well and truly wide open.

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