The Lakers’ worst fears appear to have become reality. In the chase for Anthony Davis, despite their best efforts, they started off in a pit from the very beginning. The Pelicans knew all along that the Celtics had the pieces they were looking for, it was just a matter of if they’d be available come the summer time.

It seems that will very much be the case.

In a report by Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe, the Celtics have sent the message that they are willing to give up just about anyone for Davis.

Sources said the Pelicans have sought guarantees from the Celtics surrounding specific packages, but the Celtics have been reluctant to make absolute promises, simply because so much can transpire in five months, such as injuries. Nevertheless, sources said, the Celtics have made it clear that they will be ready and willing to offer an explosive package when the time arrives, and that no specific player will be off-limits in negotiations.

The Lakers pretty much have zero hope of bidding against the Celtics if this report is to be taken seriously. Thus, LeBron and the team will have to wait at least another full season before the potential arrival of Anthony Davis.

While the Celtics work to convince him to stay all through next season, the Lakers could be stuck still searching for some help.

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