Marcelo Bielsa has always been a very controversial person, as the boss can either be considered a genius or just a difficult guy to deal with.

Moreover, his coaching ways have often been criticized by some of his peers and rivals,  as he’s not an orthodox boss by all means.

Lately, Bielsa drew some heat from Frank Lampard because of him allegedly ‘spying’ on his practics, something Bielsa not only did not deny, but also gave a lecture about the best ways to make the most of spying his rivals.

Now, a couple of French legends joined the Bielsa hating club, as they weren’t much of a fan of his coaching ways while he was on command of Marseille from 2015 to 2016.

That way, Frank Leboeuf and Christophe Dugarry said Bielsa must be “a bit autistic” because of the way he behaves and handles his players.

Leboeuf, a former Marseille player, told RMC Sport he has no respect for Bielsa whatsoever and claims that the Argentinean often ignored his players while at France, according to Mirror.

“He’s somebody I don’t like. I don’t like his life philosophy. I don’t like how he manages a group and for me, he’s shown nothing”.

Dugarry, on the other hand, was even harsher with his words for the former Marseille  manage, going on to  say that

“It’s the way he treats people, journalists, it’s a bit autistic, isn’t it?”

Like him or not, nobody can deny Bielsa’s impact for Leeds United, who are currently tied with Norwich City for the 1st spot of the EFL Championship standings, and he’ll try to keep the momentum going when (if) his club finally makes it back to the Premier League.

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