FIFA’s president Gianni Infantino is set to be unanimously re-elected in June, According to Sky Sports.

Still, that may happen solely because of the fact that he’s bound to run unopposed for such election, which will take place in Paris on June 5 at the upcoming FIFA Congress.

As a matter of fact, FIFA announced this Wednesday that the Swiss will face no opposition in his candidacy, as no other potential candidate was able to have all 5 required nomination letters.

Infantino has drawn a lot of support among the soccer community for his interest in pursuing a more modern and fair way to play the game.

During his term, Infantino stepped up and embraced the use of Video  Assistant Referee (VAR), a controversial tool for soccer purists that’s aimed to help referees avoid and correct missed calls,  as well as reduce the margin for human error.

Also, Infantino’s responsible for the World Cup expansion proposal, with the tournament set to feature 48 teams in 2026.

Moreover, Infantino was elected in 2016 to replace the infamous Joseph Blatter after the corrupt executive was banned by the Association following a bribe scandal that involved an unauthorized payment of 2 million dollars to Michel Platini,  among other alleged infractions.

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