With the Anthony Davis negotiations falling flat for L.A., it’s only natural they look elsewhere for their second star.

And while their Plan B might not necessarily unfold before the deadline, it could get them another big fish in the summer, so long as he’s willing to sign for less than the max.

(via Zach Lowe and Adrian Wojnarowski)

If the Warriors offer Klay less than max money, it could incentivize him to look elsewhere, where the Lakers will be waiting to lure him.

And while the Splash Brother is not Anthony Davis, he could certainly change the fortunes of a struggling Laker team. Though, it all involves the Warriors offer Thompson less than max money and assumes other teams don’t make a stronger case for Klay.

At this point, the odds are stacked against the Lakers in just about every regard. As they continue to cross their fingers on an Anthony Davis deal, they have to hope that the Warriors decide to get cheap in their negotiations with Klay.

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