Entertainers, Bow Wow and Kiyomi Leslie were both arrested after the Superbowl weekend under battery charges for a physical altercation. Without being able to determine who initiated the violence, Police was forced to arrest both.

Bow Wow otherwise known as Shad Moss blamed Kiyomi for starting the fight while the model claimed that it was Moss who started it because he was jealous over another man. We’ve come to find out that man that Kiyomi was talking about is the legendary NBA star, Shaq.

According to the legal documentation that was obtained by Atlanta Black Star, the incident occurred on Friday at “Shaq’s Fun House” where the basketball star hosted a party.

“Mr. Moss [Bow Wow] stated that Ms. Holden [Leslie] was all over another man’s body in the party. A man Mr. Moss referred to as Shaquille,” the police report read. “Mr. Moss stated that he felt very disrespected by her behavior, that the argument became heated, that Ms. Holden started yelling loudly and calling him “bitch-ass n—–. “

There is yet to be a reply from Shaq on the incident and the proof of this side of the story is yet to be revealed with both camps of Bow Wow and Kiyomi keeping quiet. With Shaquille O’Neal being such a loveable person to be around, this may be completely true and what led to the arrest of the two entertainers.

Since the arrest, Bow Wow and Kiyomi Leslie were both bailed from jail on a bond of $8,000 dollars each.