In the aftermath of a tortious trade deadline, Magic Johnson addressed a tension-rocked Laker squad in an attempt to bring them together.

You see, in the trade “talks” between L.A, and New Orleans, the Pelicans never intended to strike a deal. It was revealed later that they were only getting the Lakers to talk so they could leak their offers and rip the team apart with trade rumors.

Magic Johnson confirmed as much, saying the Pels never had “good faith” in negotiations.

Essentially, the Lakers got played by Del Demps and a salty Pelicans front-office. They wanted to get back at the Lakers, and it worked — at least, for a while.

If their comeback, buzzer-beating win against Boston the other night said anything, it’s that this team still has some fight in them. So, even with the sabotage (and a league that’s largely against them), Magic and his Lakers are ready to move on, with or without Anthony Davis.

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