Ben Simmons is turning to Magic Johnson for help. The All-Star reached out to Magic Johnson for some mentoring. When Johnson addressed the issue, he said, “[Simmons wants to] trade some ‘big guard’ secrets.

Simmons and Johnson are very similar – they are both point guards and they are both 6’9-6’10 tall. Simmons has the talent to be great, but he may be lacking some wisdom. Magic could help Simmons in areas where the Sixers phenom may be unprepared to deal with.

The request especially raised speculation because of Simmons’ relationship with LeBron. The two are close, and speaking to Magic will always raise some eyebrows. Many may assume that Magic is trying to poach the Sixers guard.

Regardless, Magic’s mentoring could help Simmons. The Lakers legend has won 5 NBA Championships with one of the greatest NBA teams of all time – the Showtime Lakers. He may be the only one who could mentor Simmons, as there are not many tall point guards of their kind.

Simmons and Johnson have one more thing in common: a big man. Johnson played with one of the greatest centers of all-time, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Simmons plays with a great center as well in Joel Embiid. Embiid has been very good in the NBA, enough to revitalize the center position. He may be the greatest center we’ve seen since Shaq. Though he is not Kareem, he has a chance to be one of the greats.

With so many things in common, Ben Simmons should no doubt pursue his request to be mentored by Magic Johnson. However, the Lakers have been known to tamper with players. Whatever contact they have, Magic must be careful not to try to lure Simmons to the Lakers – it’s a $50,000 fine.

Magic could mold Simmons with his wisdom. The 5-time NBA Champion could take Simmons from an All-Star to a superstar. Magic was not only talented, but he had one of the highest basketball IQs of all-time. He is widely considered the greatest point guard of all-time – and the tallest. We haven’t seen a 6’10 point guard for a long time. Let’s just hope Simmons is the real deal.

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