This may not come as a shock to anyone, but the Lakers are shooting big this summer. In their efforts to bring a Championship to Lakerland, they will need to bring another star there first.

This summer, with a slew of stars available, Magic Johnson made a not-so-bold declaration about the plan for his squad going forward.

“That’s not going to change our plans this summer,” Johnson said Sunday, per Dave McMenamin of “It’s a great [free-agency] class, and we just want to get one of them.”

Of course, even signing one superstar this July is a lot easier said than done.

Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are both in great situations and would need to be convinced to leave for a Laker team that is currently struggling to make a push for the playoffs.

Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving seem to not have the Lakers atop their want list, instead preferring a trip to the Clippers or staying put where they’re at.

Thing is, Magic Johnson and these Lakers can’t afford to strike out again. After their failed attempts for stars in the past (and most recently for Anthony Davis), they have to secure something fast or risk wasting another year of LeBron James.