The Warriors are becoming one of the best franchises in NBA history – and the wealthiest. The team was bought for $450 million in 2010 and is now worth a whopping $3.5 billion – one of the highest valued teams in the NBA behind the Knicks and the Lakers.

Forbes released the report which entailed that Joe Lacob, the Warriors owner, bought the team for $450 million in 2010 – a team that was priced at $315 million by Forbes. However, it’s obvious now that Lacob didn’t overpay.

The Warriors value increased after the team built a super team and won three championships – most recently defeating LeBron James and the Cavaliers. As a result, the Warriors value increased $400 million in the past 12 months alone.

Moreover, the Warriors net worth has gone up since the league value exploded with a new TV deal – driving up salary caps. As a result of increasing NBA fans with more televised games, the Warriors popularity right now drives their value up even more.

The only teams that are worth more than the Warriors are the Knicks and the Lakers. These two teams are in prime locations that make them a more profitable venture. In addition, the Lakers and Knicks histories are filled with legendary players – tempting players to stars the team and chase a similar legacy. As a result of star players constantly coming to the Lakers and Knicks, their net worth is beyond the limits of any other team.

The Warriors are getting there as they are worth $3.5 billion behind Lakers and Knicks who are worth $3.7 billion and $4 billion, respectively. The feat would be incredible considering the Warriors are not in a prime location. However, the city of Oakland has been known to have a loyal fanbase. Also, the Warriors have a rich past like the Lakers and Knicks which entices players to join their legacy as well – a legacy being capitalized upon by Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

The Warriors will go down as one of the best NBA dynasties of all-time. Their franchise has new-found respect, and they will always be an elite place to play. This will likely keep their value up.

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