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The Golden State Warriors cruised home in last year’s Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers as they proceeded to sweep the Cavs 4 to zip.

Warriors shooting guard and three-time champion, Klay Thompson, had all the belief in the world that they wouldn’t drop a single game against the Cavaliers. Thompson’s close friend and former teammate at Washington State, Marcus Capers, told Jayson Jenks of The Athletic that Klay was already predicting the sweep halfway through the series.

“I was going to get a flight for Game 5 of the Finals in Oakland. He was like, ‘Nah, we’re about to sweep this. We can tell, they’re just defeated, so come to Cleveland.’ After Game 3, they won and we were sitting there chilling. I was like, ‘Alright, bro. What do you want to do?’ We were just sitting there catching up. And as we were catching up, he brought out a Nintendo 64. Like, he traveled with it everywhere, and we played ‘Super Smash Bros.’ until probably 3 in the morning.”

Klay Thompson had a right to be confident, after the ever so close infamous Game 1, the Warriors were barely challenged over the rest of the series. It was Klay’s third ever NBA championship and his second in a row with the Warriors.

Marcus Capers also spoke about the number of video games that the pair plays together from Call of Duty to Rock Band.

“Great game,” Thompson said of Rock Band. “Everyone got involved. Multiple instruments. A good way to learn and appreciate music.”

It’s just part of Klay’s personality, another Washington State teammate, Ben Loewen, once stated that “he’s a big kid trapped in a superstar’s body”.

Klay Thompson has been very loyal to the Golden State Warriors and has been rewarded with three NBA titles, a possible fourth one may be on the horizon with the team once again performing very well throughout the season. Klay Thompson is currently averaging 22.1 points per game with a percentage of 47.2 from the field and 39.6 percent from the three-point line.

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