Officiating has really become a hot topic this NBA season, with the fans, the players, and the media starting an all-out war with the refs over what most see as badly called games.

And while there are cases in which both sides have been wrong, one recent tweet by the official NBA Referee account, in defense of a missed travel call on Bradley Beal, is causing a lot of head-scratches around the community.

It starts with Complex sports, who tweeted out a clip of what looks to be a clear missed travel violation on Bradley Beal in a close game against Detroit.

The NBA refs respond, but with an explanation that a lot of people don’t necessarily get.

They then go on, doubling down on their point even after the significant backlash.

They claim that because the refs on the floor deemed it a “fumble” on the play, that the move was actually legal.

The notion that Beal actually fumbles the ball here is arguable. And it appears like the supposed “fumble” doesn’t even happen until after Beal takes that third step. If this move really is a legal one, then maybe the NBA should change that rule?

It’s one easily exploited and honestly doesn’t look different than most other travel calls anyway.

Whatever the case, maybe the Refs should’ve kept quiet about this one because their explanation is just not one people are going to buy.

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