Anthony Davis is arguably the greatest trade chip in the past ten years. The guy is a world-class talent with plenty of his career still left in front of him. With his departure from the Pelicans set, teams are in a hard-core race to acquire his services. But at what cost?

The Lakers and Celtics are currently leading the sweepstakes, with reports indicating they’re ready to offer the farm for Anthony Davis once he becomes available again in the summer.

But in a quote by ESPN’s Jalen Rose, the chase for Davis is ripping both teams to shreds… from the inside out.

“Not only is it destroying the Lakers’ locker room, it’s destroying the Pelicans locker room, did you see how they played [against the Magic]? And [it’s destroying] the [Boston] Celtics locker room. 

“This is a real thing. Being a part of a team, it’s a relationship. And when I understand that the level of trust and respect isn’t there, I’ve gotta start looking out for myself in one way, shape or form.”

It’s hard to continue playing at an elite pace when you know your team is going to trade you for somebody else, knowing that the team doesn’t really want you. Or, in the Pelicans case, knowing that your star doesn’t want to play with you anymore. The trust is gone and the locker room gets torn to shreds.

Both the Lakers, Celtics, and Pelicans are finding out the hard way just how tough a looming trade of this magnitude can really be.