With the Anthony Davis trade talks finally cooled down, things aren’t expected to pick back up until the summertime. Boston, Los Angeles, and basically every other team with a chance will be pursuing him.

But, with everything the transpired, one big question looms: did he do it right?

Requesting a trade mid-season like that, and basically trying to force a deal to the Lakers may have ruined his reputation in the process. Charles Barkley alluded to this point recently.

“Don’t ruin your reputation as 1 of the nicest guys in the world. Your agent works for you; you don’t work for him. They handled the situation wrong and it’s going to bite him in the ass”


Barkley makes a great point here. It seems that Davis never truly had a grasp on the situation. Rather than just making a trade request, stories and controversies got leaked, tearing apart locker rooms and making for some bad publicity.

A.D. essentially sacrificed his reputation for a ticket to L.A. Sad thing is, unless the Lakers can step up, that sacrifice might be in vain. Either way, no matter what happens, it’s fair to say the whole ordeal could’ve been handled much better. No doubt, Davis will have some regrets about this when it’s all said and done.