The NBA is coming out with newly designed “smart jerseys” that make it possible to change the number or name on the clothing. The revolutionary product will forever change the NBA fan experience according to speculations.

Before we jump to conclusions. these new redesignable jerseys come out in the year 2038 but still may give fans something to be excited about. Adam Silver made the announced about the new-age product during his Friday morning speech in Charlotte during the All-Star Technology Summit.

Silver demonstrated the product by changing an All-Star #30 Curry jersey to an All-Star #23 Jordan jersey, leaving the audience and participators gasping.

The smart jersey works with an app, with the user deciding what number or name they would like on their jersey through a mobile device. There’s no question the product would be one of the best-selling items in NBA history – or any other sports product.

The NBA has dabbled with tech-clothes before when they released Nike “Connected” jerseys which allow you to unlock NBA content in an app through the use of a jersey. It seems the multi-billion dollar mega-industry is looking to expand on the tech-clothes market.

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