The New Orleans Pelicans have been decimated by Anthony Davis rumors for the past year. But when he made his trade request public just a little over a week prior to this season’s deadline, things got a little out of control.

Davis’ GM Rich Paul was seemingly making moves and pulling strings from behind the scenes, in an effort to move Davis to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, others around the league were pressuring the Pels on what to do with their franchise star.

These outside influences are what, unfortunately, cost former Pelicans’ GM Dell Demps to lose his job, via ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“Benson has been angry over the Davis trade demand and her belief that ‘outside forces’ are trying to push the franchise into decisions that don’t make sense, league sources said. Her mandate has been to ‘take back control from outside forces,’ one league source told ESPN. Benson has been adamant with the organization about finding a pathway to sustainable winning in one of the league’s smallest markets and plans to be aggressive in pursuing the best available candidates to oversee basketball operations, league sources said.”

Whether or not it’s coming from outside sources, it’s impossible to argue that the Pelicans have not made very solid decisions lately.

Other than DeMarcus Cousins (who didn’t stick around), the Pels have been unable to lure another star alongside Davis, probably due to their reputation as a franchise as a whole.

Obviously, the team is on the verge of a complete overhaul, one that hopes to take the reigns back of a dysfunctional franchise.