The Lakers failed to secure a trade with the Pelicans before the deadline, meaning the Anthony Davis sweepstakes will continue in the summer.

The Celtics are naturally leading the way to acquire the superstar big man, as their stockpile of assets is near impossible to match. If they want Davis, they’ve got him.

Even so, they might only be willing to pay that price if Kyrie Irving re-signs this July, per Chris Broussard of Fox Sports.

“It all depends on Kyrie Irving. If Kyrie re-signs, then Danny Ainge goes all in and Jayson Tatum is on the block. If Kyrie leaves, I wouldn’t give up the farm for AD.”

Keeping a guy like Tatum is essential in a rebuilding process. And while the Celtics would still be very good without Irving, Jayson Tatum is the perfect guy to take the reins for them. He’s younger and the team wouldn’t have to worry about trying to convince him to stay past one single season.

So, for the Lakers, their last remaining hope in making any ground in the Davis chase has to be Irving. If he leaves, They’re right back in the thick of things.

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