After the Zion Williamson injury scare, there have been calls for him to shut himself down for the rest of the season. In many folks’ minds, the Duke superstar shouldn’t risk an injury if it means jeopardizing the security of his NBA career.

Others are of the opinion that he should finish out his tenure with Duke, regardless of the risks. Quitting on your team like that isn’t really the way you wanna go.

For former Laker and NBA legend Kobe Bryant, he falls in the latter. Here’s what he had to say regarding the issue in a chat with The Undefeated.

“In terms of Zion, if he’s healthy, he should go play. He made a decision to go to college and injuries are a part of that process and sometimes you get hurt, sometimes you don’t, man. But you made the decision to go to college and you made your commitment to the university, then by all means finish your commitment. I expect him to get healthy, get his knee better or whatever it was and come out and kick a—.”

This response shouldn’t surprise anybody. Kobe is about as loyal as they come. No doubt, he’d follow his own advice if he were put in this situation.

And heck, he’s even played through certain injuries at times.

So yeah, it is a huge risk for Zion to play college ball when he has his sights on the NBA anyway. But he made a commitment, earned the trust of his teammates, and it’s probably best if he just finishes things out.

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