With all the criticism surrounding LeBron James lately, it’s no wonder he has decided to finally fight back.

He has been blamed for the team’s current situation, not only because he’s their best player, but because he was the one who pushed the team into trying to acquire Anthony Davis before the deadline.

It was that push which ultimately pulled the Lakers’ locker room apart, and they haven’t been the same sense.

Heavy criticism has come down on LeBron and on Davis, criticism that LeBron elected to respond to in an appearance on Uninterrupted.

“AD’s in the league for 7 years……Nobody has said anything negative about AD. You can tell the narrative changes when you don’t do what they want you to do.”


James does make a fair point here. Davis has been a fan favorite for years before being crucified by his trade request. When he does something that is in his best interest, it seems he sacrifices his reputation in the process.

LeBron doesn’t think that’s how it should be. But of course, not everyone is going to agree with that.

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