Jordan Clarkson was a main staple for the Lakers during his first few years in the league. As arguably one of their better scorers, he showed he could hold his own on the NBA stage.

When the Lakers traded him in 2018, it came as a shock to the rest of the league. It must’ve come to a shock to him as well, as it took some time for him to adjust to the new environment. Nonetheless, he’s been acceptable in Cleveland, especially this season — averaging 17 points per game on 44% shooting.

But he may be on the move again if it’s for the sake of another draft pick.

(per Chris Fedor of

“Given his age, talent level, experience and contract, he will be one of the team’s most valuable trade chips. He’s currently the second-leading scorer on the team and NBA’s third-leading scorer among reserves. Next year, the Cavs will have to determine if the value they can return for him in a trade outweighs what he brings on the court. They will also have to figure out if he’s the kind of player worth committing to for the long haul, as the Lakers immediately had buyer’s remorse after giving him a lucrative contract.”

The Cavs will ultimately have to determine if giving up one of their young scorers is worth another spot in the draft. He’s still young, though something says the Cavs won’t be hesitant in dealing him if the trade pays well enough.

Wherever he ends up, Clarkson will bring some additional depth in the backcourt at a cheap price. He could help a lot of teams.

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