One of the most attractive and well-known wives/girlfriends of the NBA is the wife of New York Knicks Coach, David Fizdale.

Fizdale’s wife Natasha hasn’t just got the attention of NBA fans, she has even attracted the attention of professional sports analysts such as Stephen A. Smith. During a segment on television, Smith was discussing the New York Knicks and his love for the Knicks coach until he stopped abruptly to then speak about his wife.

If people didn’t know her before then they sure do now after hearing Stephen A. Smith speak about her. Smith can reach millions of viewers through his television programs which certainly would lead to many people searching the woman up online.

Having a very attractive wife may help ease the pain of being the Head Coach of one of the worst NBA teams in the league. The Knicks sit last in the Eastern Conference Standings with a total of just 13 wins.

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