Steph Curry is having another spectacular season that has him in contention for his third ever NBA MVP award. His Golden State Warriors teammate, Andre Iguodala had some very kind words to say about Steph after the Warriors 120-117 victory over the 76ers on Sunday.

When Curry retires, he may go down as the greatest shooter of all time, but Iguodala believes he’s already “the second-best point guard of all time”.

“It’s interesting because I think he’s still underrated,” Iguodala said. “I still think he doesn’t really get the respect he deserves, and guys think that, you know, he uses a lot of screens. Guys think that you can draw mismatches with him defensively, but he’s a real problem.

“He won’t ever get it (respect). It is what it is sometimes. But when you sit down and have serious conversations, that’s when you know, he’s the second-best point guard ever.”

The man that he ranked as the number one all-time point guard was Magic Johnson. Magic, the former Lakers star, played his entire NBA career in Los Angeles where he won 5 NBA Championships and 3 season MVPs.

To be ranked second, just behind arguably one of the greatest players of all time, is a massive compliment.

Steph Curry may be on his way to his fourth ever championship this season if the Warriors can complete their three-peat. This season, Curry is averaging 28.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game which has led the Warriors to the number one seed of the Western Conference.

Iguodala’s comment may become even more credible if Curry walks away with his third ever MVP award this season.

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