Skechers is throwing shade at Nike after Zion Williamson blew out his shoe during an injury, and the shoe company is not holding back from the attacks.

The much-less-important Skechers company is going at the biggest name in shoes with a campaign highlighted by the quote “Just Blew It” – emphasizing the injury by Zion Williamson which led to a blown shoe. They also included the slogan, “We won’t split on you”.

Zion Williamson was injured during a bout between Duke and North Carolina when he made a step with caused his shoe to split and left Williamson with the first major injury of his young career. Duke would go on to be blown out by North Carolina without Williamson.

There was immediate speculation whether the shoes that Williamson was wearing, the Paul George 2, had any serious defects. Skechers placed a PG2 shoe with the words “Just Blew It” in their mocking ad. Skechers is even considering placing the ad in the sports section of the New York Times.

Without Williamson, Duke has lost three straight games, and their hopes for a national championship becomes thinner by the day. Williamson is most likely to be the number one pick in the coming NBA draft.