The Los Angeles Lakers are in serious trouble right now sitting tenth in the Western Conference standings after losing their last four out of five matches. After a terrible loss to the lowly Phoenix Suns, it looks like this will be the first postseason that LeBron James will not be apart of since his Sophomore season in the NBA.

The Lakers sit five games outside the Top 8 with a record of 30-34, even if this team could turn everything around, it’s unlikely that they could finish any higher than the eight seed. This would mean a nightmare first round match up against the Golden State Warriors.

A disastrous season that has revealed the Lakers poor team chemistry and dysfunctionality may have a bigger impact on just this season. For a superstar like Anthony Davis, would he really want to join a team like this who is nowhere close to a championship run?

What Anthony Davis needs to think about now is whether there is a genuine chance that he could win a championship by teaming up with LeBron James in L.A or with LeBron coming to the end of his career, a future career in L.A is just a waste of his Prime.

Dan Wolken from USA Today believes that teaming up with James now may not be the best decision for the career of Anthony Davis.

“Based on what we’ve seen recently from James — the deflection of blame, the chastising of younger players, the lack of engagement at times on defense and the injuries that caused the first long-term absence of his career — the latter suddenly seems just as likely of an outcome”

“For so long, it has been a fool’s errand to bet against James, who will no doubt remain capable of amazing things on the basketball court for the foreseeable future. But this is rougher terrain than dragging the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals through the East, and time is running out for the Lakers to get it right. More to the point, what’s happened lately could very well be a preview of James’ inevitable decline.”

Many believe that LeBron James is the greatest of all time, but even the all-time greats can’t stay at the top forever. Coming up to his mid-thirties, we may be just able to witness the slow decline of one the best players we’ll ever see.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, even with James at his absolute best, the players around him just don’t seem to fit well at all. Not to mention that players such as Kyle Kuzma or Lonzo Ball may feel very exiled by LeBron as he was so willing to trade them away as soon as Anthony Davis announced his intentions of leaving the Pelicans.

Anthony Davis has made it clear that his preferred destination to be traded to is the Lakers, however, it would be wise for AD to consider all options including the highly favored Boston Celtics. If Davis was to join the Lakers, it would have to be a deal that included Ball, Ingram and Kuzma which would leave the Lakers with not much else besides two All-Stars. Finding a third star to join them would be just as difficult and probably unlikely to happen.

Anthony Davis does not have complete say in where he goes otherwise he may already be in L.A, the Pelicans at the end of the day will choose what suits them the best.

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