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Carmelo Anthony and the Los Angeles Lakers no longer share a mutual interest with the team’s season falling down the drain lately and their playoff chances getting slimmer by the day.

Even so, the 34-year-old veteran is keen to go out on his own terms and seems reluctant to just call it a day despite most signs pointing towards him already playing his last minutes in the NBA.

So, if he still wants to play and some teams still find him valuable, why not just make a comeback instead of waiting for the Lakers to go back to the playoffs race? Let’s take a look at the top 3 best destinations for Carmelo Anthony right now.


3. Portland Trail Blazers

Everybody’s sleeping on the Portland Trail Blazers, but they have been one of the most consistent teams throughout the entire season even in the Wild Wild West, but they still crave some veteran leadership.

Carmelo Anthony will have the chance to stick it to those who didn’t value him (Thunder and Rockets) while leading this team off the bench. Also, they’re lacking depth at the small forward spot so he’ll get plenty of minutes.


2. San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs’ season has been full of ups and downs and even though Rudy Gay has been pretty solid for most of the year, they still need more firepower, especially in their second unit.

Carmelo can finally be that stretch four they’ve been craving for years and if anyone knows how to get the most of a veteran, that’s Gregg Popovich. He’ll know how to hide him on defense as well.

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1. Toronto Raptors

What better way to put an end to his career than finally winning an NBA Championship? Well, the Toronto Raptors might as well be the team that could finally take Melo to the NBA Finals.

The Raptors are one of the deadliest teams in the NBA right now and they’re in serious need of a small forward since the Marc Gasol trade. Their second unit is great and he wouldn’t have to carry the load for them, so is a match made in heaven.