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If the Los Angeles Lakers had a chance of making the playoffs at the All-Star break, it may be gone now after a poor losing streak that has the team sitting more than four games outside the Top 8.

At this stage, the Lakers have a better chance of signing Zion Williamson with the first pick of the NBA 2019 draft than making the playoffs, according to BetOnline.ag. The statistics say that there is a 1.0 percent chance of the Lakers being able to draft Zion, a return to playoffs this season is just a 0.9 percent chance.


Before the All-Star break, the Lakers had a 6 percent chance of making the playoffs, that has completely evaporated since after disappointing losses that included their L.A rivals in the Clippers and the very lowly Phoenix Suns who sit last in the Western Conference.

If there was a genuine chance the Lakers could draft big man Zion Williamson, then the franchise would be completely focused on that task. Unfortunately, the Lakers are a little bit in the middle of nowhere in the standings, not being able to compete for the playoffs but not far enough down to be considered in the lottery pick. A team with LeBron James and Zion Williamson would truly be a dream for all Laker fans, if only.

This season will be the first time in a very long time that LeBron James will not be featured in the postseason let alone the Finals if the Lakers can’t perform a miracle season reviving comeback. It sure will be strange to see him on the sidelines while the playoffs occur.

It’s a very disappointing season for a very proud club considering the expectations that fans had coming into the season when they signed LeBron James.