It’s pretty much inevitable that Luke Walton is going to be relieved of his head coaching duties in Los Angeles. When the season draws to a close, with the Lakers standing on the outside of the playoff picture, Walton will likely be the main scapegoat for their failure.

As for who might replace him, a number of names have been offered, including Tyronn Lue and Mark Jackson.

One of the newer names suggested is a guy who already has a gig… in Los Angeles, nonetheless. Here’s what Stephen A Smith reported recently on who the Lakers might be targeting to replace Luke Walton.

(h/t Tim Daniels of Bleacher Report)

“Probably not Ty Lue. … Ty Lue would like the job, I just want to let you know, Ty Lue would like the job,” Smith said on ESPN’s First Take. “He doesn’t want to be an assistant, his health is good. He would like the job, if it were offered to him. But I’m also hearing that Doc Rivers may potentially be pursued. And obviously the one guy that Magic and LeBron would love most is Mike Krzyzewski, but nobody thinks that that’s a job that he would ever take. Those are the three names you need to keep an eye on.”

“… Add Mark Jackson to that list as well, because there are people who think he warrants consideration, and Jason Kidd. Okay. Those are the five names, you got Ty Lue. You got Doc Rivers. You got Mike Krzyzewski. You got Mark Jackson. You got Jason Kidd. Those are the names you’re hearing. I’m hearing more so Doc Rivers.”

Doc Rivers is a brilliant coaching mind and has experience coaching stars from his tenure with the Celtics. The problem is, he is currently employed by the Clippers who are not only having a good season but are having a season better than the Lakers.

This summer, they might be primed to acquire one of the many superstar free-agents on the market, maybe even more so than the drama-laden Lakers.

It would obviously take a lot of convincing to take Rivers out of that situation for a team that’s in the same city, struggling to live up to expectations.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see what kinds of changes the Lakers make this summer. There’s little doubt that there will be a big overhaul. Whether or not Rivers will be involved in the overhaul is just one of the many questions surrounding the future of the Lakers.