The Golden State Warriors are having another dominating season on the court as they hold the top position of the Western Conference with a record of 44-20.

However, the Warriors season has been affected by constant drama, after the arguments between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green earlier this season, KD is once again being caught in the limelight. After a disappointing 33-point loss to the Boston Celtics, Durant was asked about Steve Kerr’s comments saying that the team lacked “passion, and an anger and intensity”.

Kevin Durant was having none of it as he took a shot at the coach for those comments.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports took note of where Durant mentioned the “I thought we move of joy?” part of his rant as something that Kerr refers to very frequently. This was quite surprising for everyone in the room as it was clear that Durant was definitely willing to give it to the Warriors coach.

“During that display, it was impossible not to conclude that Durant intentionally took a swipe at his coach. The individuals in the room were stunned with his comments. From the moment Durant took his seat, his demeanor was of someone prepared to go on the attack.” Haynes noted.

This will certainly be something that lights the fire of the opinion and view of many that Kevin Durant will be leaving the Golden State Warriors at the end of the season. Obviously, nothing is certain as of yet, but it does leave many people thinking that be the undoubted favorites year after year is starting to grow old on KD and something that may push him to make the move after the postseason.

The drama is arguably a welcoming sight for everyone else considering how unbeatable the Warriors look in their journey to a three-peat. It may take a lot more than a bit of drama to put this superstar team off their game, even if one or two of their stars are having an off game, the other stars will pick up the slack. This makes the Warriors one of the all-time greatest teams in the NBA, they don’t have to rely solely on any of their stars.

Many people will certainly be more interested in where Kevin Durant will be playing next season than who actually wins the NBA Finals.

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