At first sight, it might appear like LeBron James is already celebrating the off-season. His Lakers aren’t going to the playoffs, after all.

But, upon further inspection, it’s just another NBA doppelganger. This time, it’s a LeBron lookalike, very similar to the Klay Thompson doppelganger situation a few seasons ago, when he was attending games and sitting in the stands “pretending” to be Klay.

This LeBron lookalike isn’t sitting in the stands though. Instead, he’s wandering the streets pretending to be the 3x NBA Champ.

The internet has gone crazy with the memes, citing that this is what James will be doing when the season ends in a couple of weeks.

And for Laker fans, seeing a LeBron doppelganger actually look happy in a Laker jersey must be something refreshing, especially in a season as nightmarish as this one.

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