It was the failed Anthony Davis trade back in February that broke the Lakers and their season. Not only were they unsuccessful in securing a deal for the 6x All-Star, but they let it slip on who they were willing to sacrifice to get him. It tore the locker room apart, and basically devastate the morale of the team.

After all of that, did you really think they’d give up their pursuits? According to an NBA source who spoke to Brandon “Scoop” Robinson of Heavy, not only do the Lakers intend on continuing their push for Anthony Davis, but there is still a chance they get a deal done.

“Internally, Pels are still interested in Lakers offer. But would love for Lonzo [Ball] to be a part of it. They feel he could thrive alongside [Jrue] Holiday. Fine with Kuzma/Ingram and think they could win with that roster next year.”

Lonzo is apparently an important player in the Anthony Davis stuff. Despite his injury, the Pels remain intrigued on the idea of pairing him with Jrue Holiday, a former All-Star who is averaging 21 points per game for the Pelicans this year.

After everything that has transpired in Los Angeles this year, it’s unsure if Davis even still wants to don the Purple and Gold. Also, the value of both Ingram and Kuzma might have changed since their original talks a month ago.

A lot of factors still need to play out before we know how likely trade between the teams really is. But if Boston is still serious about offering up their entire roster, the odds are certainly not in the Lakers’ favor.

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