The NBA season is coming to an end so that means we’re once again set to face a lot of drama regarding the possible destinations for the best players in the league, especially with this upcoming free-agency class.

All eyes are about to be set on Kawhi Leonard and whether he’ll stay put up north or join a different team, with the Knicks, Lakers, Clippers and pretty much every team with enough cap space trying to make a run at him.

But, truth to be told, it looks like there’s only a handful of realistic options for the Klaw, as he has shown no interest in joining the Knicks – who may also pursue Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant – and doesn’t look like a guy that would suit New York’s lifestyle.

Also, it’s been rumored over and over that he has no interest in teaming up with LeBron James, and judging for what we’ve seen from the Lakers lately, he wouldn’t be thrilled with wearing the purple and gold jersey this summer. So, let’s take a look at the only realistic destinations for Kawhi Leonard.


Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors have proven to be a great organization lately. They’ve built a strong, Championship-caliber team and have enough talent, leadership, and depth to make it to the NBA Finals and even upset the Golden State Warriors or Houston Rockets.

Kawhi has really established himself as the Raptors’ go-to-guy, they can offer him a lot of money, and fans admire him. He’s going to have an easier path to the Finals should he stay in the East.


Los Angeles Clippers

Kawhi just bought a huge mansion in Southern California and has repeatedly stated his desire to play in Los Angeles, but with the Lakers already out of the table, the obvious choice would be the Los Angeles Clippers.

Doc Rivers managed to take the Clippers to the playoffs despite having less talent than most Western Conference teams. He can sign a very lucrative deal and become the greatest star in franchise history. If he leads them to a title, he’ll become the biggest Clippers legend ever.

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